About us

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Words®.

Being a professional copywriter is the best job in the world 

And yet one of the worst things we face is listening to clients who suffer the same challenge: their copy doesn’t convert.

When your words aren’t doing their job, it affects:

  • Your brand awareness
  • Your pipeline coverage
  • Your morale

And the problem originates from this idea that Everyone can write. Right? 


Without putting your content in the hands of a professional copywriter, you risk the curse of:

Word slinger

Anyone who is happy to throw out any copy



A skilled writer who uses language to improve clarity and style

Disposable copy

Content written for a single purpose


Crafted copy

Content that’s designed to be repurposed for different channels/audiences

Machine focused

Written to satisfy the search engines only


Human centric

Written for a specific person who is looking for help with a specific issue


Enter the Wonderful World of Words and you can learn from some of the sector’s best B2B copywriting professionals.

Sharing their skills, knowledge, and real-world experience, they’re here to help you unlock the tried and tested strategies that will boost your brand awareness and build a pipeline, and ensure your marketing campaign hit their objectives. 

Collectively, our wordsmiths are specialists in: 

  • Business types: from startup consultancies to major resellers and the giant vendors who reside in Silicon Valley. 
  • Technologies: including cloud, SaaS, data, analytics, AI and machine learning, cyber security, and cultural change. 
  • Industries: healthcare, finance, HR, management consultancy, and marketing agencies (to name a few). 
  • Content type: social media, email marketing, direct marketing, blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, reports, web copy, printed literature. 
  • Domain: PR, journalism, ghostwriting – we even have engineers who have sat in the IT department! 

    Our values.


    Entry to the Wonderful World of Words is by invitation only. Our wordsmiths’ names are tip of tongue within the copywriting community due to their skill – and because they’re wonderful people too!


    We share experiences ‘from the frontline’ to provide valuable insights into current trends and content strategy. 


    We love what we do and frankly can’t be bothered with corporate BS. We don’t gobblefunk around with words, we openly share our stories/advice ‘warts and all’, and we’re genuinely here to help (not to brush our egos).